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Project Description

This is a collection of some of my best animated, interactive and timelapse photography work. I work with webpages most of the time and I’m constantly looking for ways in making websites more interesting – whether that’s creating abstract background animations, filming video, taking original photos or doing custom illustrations and design.


@7 seconds) Milky Way timelapse used in It’s All Around You.
@11 seconds) Evoq Liquid Content banner used on
@16 seconds) Evoq 8.5 teaser trailer for DNN marketing promos.
@25 seconds) Test Drives used on
@31 seconds) Animated ascii logo used on
@34 seconds) Beerfolio personal book and website project.
@38 seconds) Rapid Displays website redesign.
@43 seconds) Vector watch used for student project at AAU.
@46 seconds) Bay Bridge Lights timelapse used in It’s All Around You.




After Effects